SJFT Podcasts needed a home for their award-winning fictional podcasts. Through this website experience, users can explore SJFT’s collection of audio dramas, listen to episodes, and find behind-the-scenes information on their new favorite shows.

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About the Client

SJFT Podcasts seeks to be a leader in telling compelling stories via the audio dramas medium that contain memorable characters that audiences the world over can relate to. They want to be a trailblazer in the fiction podcast space and focus heavily on collaboration.

The Big Question

How can we get potential listeners to connect with the stories produced by SJFT Podcasts?

The Answer

We tell the story of SJFT Podcasts. What is it? Who is the team behind it? What goes into making a podcast? What series can the listener look forward to? Where can they listen to these shows?

And most especially: Why did they start the project in the first place?

The home page addressed these questions, then funneled visitors to the podcast series’ dedicated web pages.

Each series page provides a description of the show, info on the team behind it, some behind-the-scenes snippets, and of course, it lists the latest episodes (with links to all streaming services they’re on).

The site prioritized a mobile-first design and performance, so that users can hit ‘play’ right away wherever they are.



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