SJFT Podcasts needed a home for their award-winning fictional podcasts. Through this website experience, users can explore SJFT’s collection of audio dramas, listen to episodes, and find behind-the-scenes information on their new favorite shows.

Jungle Gym Playlab

Jungle Gym is a trailblazing artist collective that aims to make performance art – and life in general – fun again. They needed to establish their online presence through a website that proved their group’s capabilities, and also to announce their upcoming events.

Tara Jamora Oppen Portfolio Site

This stellar actor/director needed an online presence and portfolio. I translated her old PDF portfolio into a new, usable, and informative web design.

Project Minamana

Through a video series and informational website, Project Minamana aimed to educate Filipinos on their cultural heritage and empower them to maintain these artworks for future generations.

Manu Mano

Manu Mano is an artisinal bakery found on Banawe Street in Quezon City. Occupying a small streetcorner space, the shop is designed for quick pick-ups and deliveries, rather than a dine-in experience. As such, they needed an e-commerce website for handling these orders.

Media Max

Media Max needed a way to proudly show that they mean business. I designed and developed a website for them that would showcase their events, committees, partnerships, and various signup forms.